End-user remote control interface for Stiebel Eltron heat pumps

Nota: this product is not affiliated with Stiebel Eltron.

Stiebel Eltron heat pumps ("HP") are well known for their quality, innovation and performances; and of course, they're nature-friendly.

OSMOTIQ has developed a new product, the WebBox for Stiebel HP, which brings a new feature to these HP: remote access.

WebBox for Stiebel HP allows you to access the functions of your heat pump using your cellphone, smartphone (iPhone, Android), tablet (iPad, Android) or computer (PC, Mac, Linux):

  • choose your program (automatic, day, night, hot water, etc.)
  • view the current temperatures of your system
  • View or modify setpoint temperatures
  • Manage your heat pump schedules

Your heat pump data is stored in a database. Charts can be compiled from this data and displayed on your screen in just a few clicks.

Everyday situations:

  • You're in luck, the roads are closed, you have to extend your ski vacation. Before you left home, you set your HP parameters in accordance to your planned vacation schedule. This means your HP will heat your home unnecessarily. Thanks to your WebBox for Stiebel HP, it's not a problem anymore: you can communicate to your HP the change of plans. You're saving energy, money and you're helping the planet.
  • The HP in your vacation home is set on "freeze protection" when you're not there. Using your WebBox for Stiebel HP, you can activate the HP a few hours before your arrival. What a warm welcome to start your vacation !
  • You have an early flight and don't want to start your day with a cold shower. Schedule your WebBox for Stiebel HP so the HP produces hot water exceptionnaly early that morning and don't worry about setting it back to the regular schedule: the WebBox for Stiebel HP does it for you.

WebBox for Stiebel HP can be included in the OSMOTIQhome system. OSMOTIQhome computes the heating inertia of the building (the amount of time needed to heat it up) and sends this information to the WebBox for Stiebel HP, which in turn takes it into account for the HP scheduling. OSMOTIQhome also transfer various information on the other HVAC systems of the building to the WebBox for Stiebel HP to optimize your energy consumption.

The WebBox for Stiebel HP can be adapted to your specific needs: new features (e.g. more than 3 programmed schedules), home automation integration (KNX, Bticino/Legrand, etc.), email/text warnings, etc.

This exclusive product is the tool you need to remotely manage your HP !

Discover the WebBox for Stiebel HP Pro, specifically intended for Stiebel Eltron heat pumps installers.